Servicing and Repair

•All jobs are bespoke to your bicycle and your budget. Guide prices are given in the table.
•All services and repairs come with a FREE inspection and advice.
•We will let you know if the price exceeds these guidelines.
•All prices exclude parts unless stated.

Basic Service:
Transmission clean & lube
Cable inner and outer replacement
Brake & gear adjust (hydraulic brakes, see below)
– internal cables


Deluxe Service
As Basic + all Bearing Strip & Re-Grease
(Chain Replacement additional cost)
– internal cables


Puncture Repair (including new inner tube)£15
Tubeless Tyre Fitting (per wheel including tape & sealant, and valve)£25
Brake block / pad + cable replace & adjust (front and rear)
– internal cables
Gear cable replace & indexing (front and rear)
– internal cables
Wheel Truing (per wheel)£25
Spoke Replacement (single spoke) + Wheel Truing£30
Hydraulic Brake Bleed (per wheel, including oil)£20
Derailleur Hanger Straightening (plus gear indexing)£20
Labour Charge (per hour)£40