Custom Build Bikes

Are you finding that off-the-shelf bikes don’t meet your needs? Or they compromise on some components? Or the wheels aren’t quite right? Or maybe you have a retro bike to restore or modernise?

You need a Custom Build from Pickering’s Bikes

This doesn’t mean spending the earth – custom means to your specification, with the parts you want, and to your budget. This can mean a new carbon road bike with lightweight, stiff carbon aero rims, or a gravel bike with specific gearing and tyres to combat the terrain you ride.
We have the knowledge and skills to make your ideas come to life.
We also have contacts that enable us to create paint finishes especially for you.

Raleigh Special Products 853 Restoration

Take a frame that is special to you and create a modern classic!

We purchased a frame from eBay. It was being used as a’pub’ bike but as a Raleigh Special Products bike it has good  ‘provenance’. We stripped back the Hammerite with paint stripper and elbow grease. We found the fork had been modified to a point where it was unsafe (the crown had been filed down) so this was replaced with period carbon. We then added modern components and hand built wheels.
It looks great and rides wonderfully.

Velo Moira Cycling Club Themed Road Bike

We have close links with our local cycling club – Velo Moira. We took a GUESS SC1 Scandium Alloy frame from an old shop in Nottingham (Rock n Roll Bikes) and had a paint job in the club colours. Addition of period components and hand built wheels (of course) has created a great club social ride bike.

Storck C0.9 Rebuild as Hill Climb Bike

Another eBay find rebuild. This is a Storck C0.9 from the early 2000’s. This time we rebuilt it as a Hill Climb Bike – the lightweight carbon frame suits this build really well. In true hill climb style we fitted bullhorn bars. A Hand Built wheelset with alloy rims suits this purpose really well too. The Brooks saddle isn’t the lightest but it looks fantastic – this was second hand from eBay to meet the budget!