Velo Moira Sponsorship

  • We have linked up with local cycling club Velo Moira, and are proud to be sponsoring them. They are in the process of developing their own website – follow the Facebook link for more info.
  • Membership benefits …
    • Discount to club members on parts, accessories and servicing.
    • We always attempt to offer our services and products at competitive prices and we especially aware of online retailers in this respect.
    • With this is mind …
      • We will also attempt to price match within reason. This is not always possible if online retailers are offerring massive reductions. But you will be surprised at what we can do. You only have to ask / negotiate!!!
      • We will always offer advice and recommendations and will help you fit your accessories. Online retailers don’t do that!
      • If we haven’t got the product you require we will order it and can usually get them delivered in a couple of days.